ittakestwoIT TAKES TWO

Tango. The word conjures up steamy images of sexy, high-heeled dancers, lovers embracing and yearning music – and an axotic world that seems so foreign from our own. Yet tango is a discipline and an art form that can be learned and is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. It is a dance of passion and longing that requires embracing your partner, lookin in their eyes and abandoning yourself to the music and to each other. Dancing tango can change lives. Just ask author Patrizia Chen.

Since writing her first book, the acclaimed food memoir, Rosemary and Bitter Oranges: Growing Up in a Tuscan Kitchen (2003), Chen, an Italian living in Manhattan, began tanto lessons and is now an avid dancer with her own students. She travels often to Buenos Aires, where tango was born and still thrives, and writes frequently about tango for various publications. Now, in her sensual and entertaining novel, IT TAKES TWO (Scribner, November 3, 2009, $24.00), Chen immerses us in the world of tango and reveals how lives are altered and passions stirred by the energy of the dance.

Francesca Rivabuona is fifty, living in New York City, stalled in a sexless marriage. When she gets a writing assignment in Buenos Aires, she leaps at the chance and soon finds herself in this captivating city at her first tango lesson. Under the tutelage of the charming Luis, she learns the steps and the etiquette of tango — and feels alive for the first time in years. When she embarks on an affair with Roberto, the most famous plastic surgeon in town, she must decide where her happiness lies and how – or if – to return to her life in the States.

IT TAKES TWO is infused with Chen’s passion and knowledge about her subjects, bringing vividly to life the city of Buenos Aires and it’s food, nighlife, and opeople as well as the intricate world of tango. Pulsing with charm, humor and romance, IT TAKES TWO is a captivating woman’s story that will have readers signing up for tango lessons – and a new way of living.

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