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Accomplished author of four books, has lived a life of rich cultural fusion. From New York's vibrant blend of Chinese and Italian traditions to the serene, sustainable living in Todi, Umbria, she embraces her roots and the lessons of her diverse experiences in Italy's "Green Heart."

Just try to read this book (It Takes Two) without wanting to hop on the first flight to Buenos Aires. Filled with lush descriptions of the city-s old/world neighborhoods, sumptuous restaurants and milongas (tango clubs), the tale follows Francesca, a sexy, fiftysomething socialite and travel writer in a passionless marriage who goes to Argentina for a last-minute assignment. There she meets a colorful group of locals who introduce her to tango dancing and, naturally, a hot doctor who cures all that ails her and more. Breezy fun.

Clarissa Cruz, People Magazine

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